Ground Gas Building Protection Barriers

Ground Gas Building Protection

ACS Lining Ltd. is a sub-contractor within the construction industry and was formed 15 years ago by the present management. ACS design, supply and install barriers that prevent gases coming up from the soil and getting into building. These gases can be from naturally occurring source’s to landfill gases and can be CO2 or methane or a combination of the two, we also protect buildings from hydrocarbons and water. More..

Gas Protection Services


Once a contract is awarded, ACS commission the design of a Bespoke Gas Protection System, to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and the client. The design is developed in liaison with the clients... More..

Gas protection barriers

Gas Monitoring Systems

The unique ACS Oxan Multi-Point Gas Detection System can be installed within developments to demonstrate the adequacy of gas protection measures, and to provide early warnings of ingress of Methane and Carbon Dioxide into existing buildings. More...

Gas Protection System Design


Once the design has been agreed by all parties, our teams of highly experienced operatives undertake the installation of the system in accordance with Quality Assurance procedures. More...

Gas Monitoring Systems

Sub-Slab Venting

Current guidance (CIRIA Reports & Partners in Technology), has emphasised the importance of Sub-Slab Ventilation, whether it be an active system that is required, or a completely passive system... More...

Sub-Slab Venting

Professional Indemnity

All designs are backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance, and ACS carries comprehensive Public Liability.

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