ACS Lining - Company Profile

ACS Lining - Company ProfileACS Lining Ltd. is a sub-contractor within the construction industry and was formed 15 years ago by the present management.

ACS design supply and install barriers that prevent soil  gases coming up from the soil and getting into buildings.
These gases can be from naturally occurring source’s to landfill gases and can be CO2 or methane or a combination of the two, we also protect buildings from hydrocarbons and water.

ACS Lining Ltd. have developed a membrane that has been specifically designed and developed as a soultion to today's problems with contaminated land, whether it be:

  1. Methane
  2. Carbon Dioxide
  3. Radon
  4. Hydro Carbons

Since the development of the membranes, ACS has been at the forefront of the Design, Supply and Installation of Gas Membranes and Gas Venting Systems throughout the UK.

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